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Here is today’s Hidden Marketing Asset for your small business.  As we go along, take these little assets and put them to use.  Have your key employees work on these assets if you are finding it hard to make the time.  Everyone of these assets are in every business, they can be very hidden and take only a little work to dig them out.  Here is today’s:

Poor Advertising results.

  1. Do you test ads and test results?  There are number of ways to do testing and determine if the ads are effective.  What isn’t working can be reworked or money saved. What is working can be stepped up.  Eliminate Spray and Pray Advertising.

Advertising is for many businesses, the number one cost in marketing.  Why do it of you are not sure it’s getting anything back to you?  Have you devised a way of computing your ROI on all your marketing and advertising?

Advertising is a science, not a hit and miss, luck of the draw, process.  If you are spending money on advertising, especially with the big three media (Newsprint, TV, Radio), then you must take the time and effort to determine it’s effectiveness.  ROI (return on investment), must be the number one concern for all advertising expenditures.

Contact me if your looking for ways to determine ROI on all of your marketing efforts.


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