Hello again.  Your fourth Hidden Marketing Asset is todays topic.  I hope you have taken the time to look at the first three and studied them to find these small assets in your business.  All of these are important, as finding new customers on a daily basis can be a very expensive and frustrating task.  Look into everyone of these Marketing Assets that you may already have in your business.

Closing Ratios.

a. How are you tracking your sales ratios?  Do you know what your closing ratios are?

b. Raise your closing ratios and grow.  Sub par closing ratios are a big asset in your business.

Closing ratios are extremely important to the life of any business, whether you sell business to business or business to customer, you must determine your closing ratios, study them and determine if there is room to improve on them.  Don’t forget, if you close 10 deals a day and add only one more, that is a 10% increase to your bottom line.

For many annual budget increases, it can be as simple as closing one more deal.  that maybe daily, monthly or annually depending on the size of the deal..



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