Rome Pic 2Lead by small business consultant and author Rome Awde, Awde Agency is a Digital Marketing consulting firm that understands the importance of an online presence for offline or online small business.
Responsive, mobile friendly Web Design, Personal Professional Branding and Online Video Marketing are the three cornerstones of an effective Online presence for you and your business.
Google is Mobile First.  The Mobile Search algorithm is now mobile first.  If your website is not mobile responsive or mobile friendly, Google will push you down the search rankings.  We help make you mobile.
Over 60% of all online search is done on a mobile device.
Only about 50% of all websites are user ‘friendly’ on a mobile device.
In the Digital Attention Deficit Age, your customer is looking for YOU on a mobile device, and is wanting to get the exact information they need to make a quick decision on doing business with you.
Personal Branding and Video are the next stages of consumer decision making.  Potential customers are looking to ‘SEE’ you and understand how you can help them with their needs.  We are in the age of “visual”.  Your prospects have a short attention span and are looking to ‘meet’ you virtually before they meet you personally.
Video Marketing
Video Marketing has quickly become the most important online marketing tool that any small business can do.  Video has taken over the internet and social media.  Short video ads and  product or service demonstrations help raise your status in your customers eye.  Video is one of the keys in effective SEO.  Start today.  We can help.
“If your not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry – your competitors are already using it and getting those customers”  James Turner,