Social Media Marketing

In this new frontier of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, you can spike your traffic FAST, and if you do it right, you get LONG TERM search engine traffic too. It’s really the best of both worlds. Free traffic and higher search engine rankings!

Plus! Higher Conversions

Here’s the final key ingredient… and that’s the fact that social marketing means that the huge flood of EXTRA traffic you are going to get on your site is already PRE-SOLD. You already have a relationship with them… and they are going to convert into customers at a rate you haven’t seen since your grandmother visited your lemonade stand when you were a kid.

It’s this simple… people like to buy from people that they already know, like, and trust. And your social marketing campaign will give you the kind of presence so that people already KNOW you, LIKE  you, and TRUST you before they even hit your web site. It’s not rocket science.

In a recent test performed by a well respected marketing analysis firm, a site that runs online tests and records the results in their newsletters. They concluded a 12-month test where they measured the results of social marketing versus buying paid traffic to a series of 4 sites.

Here is what they found:

Using social media marketing, they were able to generate over 93,000 visitors to their sites, paying an employee to do the social marketing work for a total of $3600 during that time, resulting in a total cost per visitor of 4 cents.

Then they ran a one month test driving traffic from Google AdWords. Using that strategy, they obtained 2,057 visitors after investing $1,250 in click costs, resulting in a cost per visitor of 61 cents. Four 4 cents versus 61 cents – social marketing yielded a 1,427% better return on their investment. Not bad!

By now I’m sure that you’re foaming at the mouth, wanting to dive in and take advantage of the huge opportunity that Social Media Marketing presents.

We are devoted to applying techniques of getting traffic from social networking, involving three sites that will get your social marketing off to a great start. They are YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  I will show you why they work and how to set them up to get the fastest results.

There are no secrets! It’s all about creating a presence on each one, developing friends and a relationship with your friends! The rest (traffic) comes naturally when you use social networking the right way!


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Today’s Hidden Marketing Asset. Number 6.

Today’s Hidden Marketing Asset is a real no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many businesses get so caught up in the day to day selling to “new” customers, that the old ones kind slip away, or get taken advantage of.  So here is todays HMA;

Current customers and clients.

  1. How are you communicating with them.  Are you asking them to come back and buy from you again and again, if you are then you are “a-gain”  If not then you are losing out on a big opportunity for free new money.

Remember it takes up to 7 times the cost to bring in a new customer then to sell to a current customer.  If you have been in business for a while, and you have a good regular cliental, then there comes a day, or should come a day that you need very few new customers to stay in business.  Then you can focus on new customers as new growth and more money.

That’s it for today, simple isn’t it?  🙂

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Hidden Marketing Asset #5

Here is today’s Hidden Marketing Asset for your small business.  As we go along, take these little assets and put them to use.  Have your key employees work on these assets if you are finding it hard to make the time.  Everyone of these assets are in every business, they can be very hidden and take only a little work to dig them out.  Here is today’s:

Poor Advertising results.

  1. Do you test ads and test results?  There are number of ways to do testing and determine if the ads are effective.  What isn’t working can be reworked or money saved. What is working can be stepped up.  Eliminate Spray and Pray Advertising.

Advertising is for many businesses, the number one cost in marketing.  Why do it of you are not sure it’s getting anything back to you?  Have you devised a way of computing your ROI on all your marketing and advertising?

Advertising is a science, not a hit and miss, luck of the draw, process.  If you are spending money on advertising, especially with the big three media (Newsprint, TV, Radio), then you must take the time and effort to determine it’s effectiveness.  ROI (return on investment), must be the number one concern for all advertising expenditures.

Contact me if your looking for ways to determine ROI on all of your marketing efforts.


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Hidden Marketing Asset #4.

Hello again.  Your fourth Hidden Marketing Asset is todays topic.  I hope you have taken the time to look at the first three and studied them to find these small assets in your business.  All of these are important, as finding new customers on a daily basis can be a very expensive and frustrating task.  Look into everyone of these Marketing Assets that you may already have in your business.

Closing Ratios.

a. How are you tracking your sales ratios?  Do you know what your closing ratios are?

b. Raise your closing ratios and grow.  Sub par closing ratios are a big asset in your business.

Closing ratios are extremely important to the life of any business, whether you sell business to business or business to customer, you must determine your closing ratios, study them and determine if there is room to improve on them.  Don’t forget, if you close 10 deals a day and add only one more, that is a 10% increase to your bottom line.

For many annual budget increases, it can be as simple as closing one more deal.  that maybe daily, monthly or annually depending on the size of the deal..


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