I posted the first two Hidden Marketing Assets on my Facebook page and decided it was better to put them up here and have my followers come here to get them.  Today I am posting the first three to get everyone caught up.  Subscribe to my posts and you will get all 15 over the next few weeks.


  1.  Past Customers

Can you sell to your past customers?  Can you resurrect a customer who has not bought          from in a while.

2.  Owner Expertise

Have you a skill or knowledge that you have developed over the years that may be useful for  your customer?  Would they want know that?  If they don’t  need it now, would you be the  first to come to mind when they do.  Inform your customers to get a better response or make  the message stick.

3.  Unique Products, Service, or Delivery.

Look at any uniqueness in your products, your services or how you deliver it to find a hidden  asset, then market that.


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