I want to introduce you to a new software tool I have just come across, you can consider this a little review of the software, then go have a look and decide if it’s for you and your online business. I think you will find this software will be a very valuable tool to generate a hugh amount of highly directed traffic to your online business, and we all know that traffic is what makes the world go around in the online business world.

If you have spent any effort on getting a online business off the ground, you will understand that traffic generation to your web site is the real “business” behind a online business. Quality, directed traffic to your site is quite possibly the hardest part of doing business online, until now! I am very serious in saying this tool is quite possibly a game changer for any online and offline business that wants to get tons of great targeted traffic to a website.

What is this tool? It is called Traffic Anarchy! Now don’t let the name hold you back from having a serious look at this software. When I first found it, it looked like any traffic generation tool out there, of which I have a few. Most of these software tools have limitations and usually only send your articles to a limited number of sites. Traffic Anarchy is different. This very easy to use tool allows you to send short articles to a complete host of Article sites, Press release sites, RSS feeds and Social bookmarking sites. I think around 150 different sites, very quickly, and generates great back links to your website to help get that elusive first page Google ranking without spending a cent on SEO or other paid traffic.

Steven Lee Jones has come up with something special here. Traffic Anarchy has been specifically designed to be as easy as possible to use and once the initial setup has been done requires only 1 click per day to set it running and bringing you traffic. All automatically. It really doesn’t get any better then that. Have a look.  http://bit.ly/romeawdereviewstrafficanarchy

Also something you should do is close the site when you have looked it over, then you get directed to a “stop box” click cancel and another page will come up, read this page, then close this page and you will get directed to another “Stop box”, click cancel and open the next page of a video of Elton Smith doing a little test of the software, you need to watch this video right through to the end, you will be amazed.

Traffic Anarchy, a great tool and like I said before, a game changer! Owe right, it’s cheap too 😉



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