Website Marketing Strategies

For years, the website design market used to fall into three separate entities for website design and development: (i) graphics and animation studios, specializing in custom graphic design and creative animations, (ii) website marketing/promotion firms, (iii) Web programming companies specializing in database-driven website development.

Nowadays, however, you get to see a fusion of these three entities in several dynamic Web Development and Promotion companies operating from around the globe. These web design, development and web promotion firms virtually cater to a diverse range of clientele, include those coming up for creative web design, web databases CRM/ERP (Customer Relationship Management/Enterprise Resource Planning) as well as for SEO (search engine optimization) needs.

Most small business firms all over the world heavily rely on the services of such web development firms as they usually cater to small business website design by providing web based marketing methods that small companies can afford due to small budgets. Depending on the effectiveness of such web-based marketing, clients often see successful results from clicks to conversion. There are some case studies which show that utilizing their marketing equation; some sites have gone from 10 leads a month to 300 leads.

However, to achieve this is easier said than done. Web marketing firms that create a full plan for their clients using both the strategic and tactical methods crafted by specialists/consultants in turn are able to give small or large businesses increased sales. After all, that is the reason we are in a business, right?  To have more sales and offer value. Therefore, the objective behind any web development or website promotion project is to create a unique selling proposition through your website that can set you apart from your competition so your customers should only think of doing business with you, regardless of price.

Small business firms today look forward to the professional creative website design and strategic web development and web promotion companies for the simple reason that they want their site to have the look and usability of a Fortune 500 company site without having to spend huge money for it.  Yes, it is definitely considered a plus if the website is designed as a tactical marketing tool that aims to engage and educate their clients in turn.

Most of these businesses have a concern in their minds: can their website provide a means to gather analytical data for them to offer better services for all?

Yes, definitely they can. However, for this, optimal, effective website design strategies need to be incorporated. In a word, small business clients should be enriched with at least some of these features in order to fetch more conversions:

* Cutting-edge small business responsive website design, tailor-made to provide broad market exposure of the products and services to potential clients.
* Small business website design strategies including full-featured e-commerce solutions, to help these businesses deploy cost-effective, powerful e-commerce stores.
* Customized search engine optimization services, based upon individual needs and goals.

However, there are umpteen so-called ‘cheap, quick’ solution-providers, and any small business firm must think twice before taking the plunge with them. Ideally, one should always trust a professional web development firm that gathers relevant information about their clients’ business through hours of discussion, clear up ideas about the requirement, nature and goal of the clients’ business. Based on these details, experienced, skilled web designers and developers carry out extensive research to find out the best small business website solution. On the other hand, creative, innovative content writers create specific and unique content for small business website requirements, thereby enhancing business prospects. Finally, website maintenance and search engine optimization techniques that comprise scientifically proven techniques available at a competitive price are sure to give your business a boost.

Multimedia Presentation, Multi-lingual website development and E-Commerce integration solutions complement these customized website solutions for brightening the online and even the offline image of small business firms.

The Five Steps to Success:

To ensure success of your small business through a unique website presentation, it is important that you develop a five-step process for creating websites that meet your customer’s goals. Whether it is a small business firm eager to generate leads, sell online, provide information about their services, connect their vendors to their company electronically, or start an entirely new kind of service, this five-step process not only takes them from concept to completion, but also is the trademark of any Internet development company.

Consulting:  Every website starts with an idea. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about developing a website, or redesigning your existing site. At the consulting stage, a professional website development firm would strive to clear all doubts about the clients’ requirements. Consultation for this usually comes free in case of small to medium-sized businesses.

Website Design:  After the initial consultation, the website development firm solidifies the clients’ ideas by creating a blueprint for their site by employing something they call “Strategic Design”.

Website Development:  The website development project is then handled by a creator’ hive, composed of specialists who handle their own respective pieces of the site development. Remember, for successful website development, it is necessary to be handled by a versatile team of expert graphic artists, content writers, programmers, database specialists and technical personnel. This ensures that a qualified professional handles each task of the given project.

Web Hosting:  Since websites are an intricate interplay of graphics, text, programming and computer resources, building your site on a rock-solid web hosting foundation is critical to its marketing success.

Website Maintenance:  Once the site is available to the public, it must be maintained with the help of ongoing updates and continued development to the site so that they don’t give clients/visitors of the site a chance to complain about its quality and content.

Responsive:  Last but quite possibly the most important element is development of a website to be a complete mobile experience. Mobile has become the leader in online search and any website development must be taken on with a mobile first position.

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Social Media Marketing

In this new frontier of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, you can spike your traffic FAST, and if you do it right, you get LONG TERM search engine traffic too. It’s really the best of both worlds. Free traffic and higher search engine rankings!

Plus! Higher Conversions

Here’s the final key ingredient… and that’s the fact that social marketing means that the huge flood of EXTRA traffic you are going to get on your site is already PRE-SOLD. You already have a relationship with them… and they are going to convert into customers at a rate you haven’t seen since your grandmother visited your lemonade stand when you were a kid.

It’s this simple… people like to buy from people that they already know, like, and trust. And your social marketing campaign will give you the kind of presence so that people already KNOW you, LIKE  you, and TRUST you before they even hit your web site. It’s not rocket science.

In a recent test performed by a well respected marketing analysis firm, a site that runs online tests and records the results in their newsletters. They concluded a 12-month test where they measured the results of social marketing versus buying paid traffic to a series of 4 sites.

Here is what they found:

Using social media marketing, they were able to generate over 93,000 visitors to their sites, paying an employee to do the social marketing work for a total of $3600 during that time, resulting in a total cost per visitor of 4 cents.

Then they ran a one month test driving traffic from Google AdWords. Using that strategy, they obtained 2,057 visitors after investing $1,250 in click costs, resulting in a cost per visitor of 61 cents. Four 4 cents versus 61 cents – social marketing yielded a 1,427% better return on their investment. Not bad!

By now I’m sure that you’re foaming at the mouth, wanting to dive in and take advantage of the huge opportunity that Social Media Marketing presents.

We are devoted to applying techniques of getting traffic from social networking, involving three sites that will get your social marketing off to a great start. They are YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  I will show you why they work and how to set them up to get the fastest results.

There are no secrets! It’s all about creating a presence on each one, developing friends and a relationship with your friends! The rest (traffic) comes naturally when you use social networking the right way!


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Hidden Marketing Asset #5

Here is today’s Hidden Marketing Asset for your small business.  As we go along, take these little assets and put them to use.  Have your key employees work on these assets if you are finding it hard to make the time.  Everyone of these assets are in every business, they can be very hidden and take only a little work to dig them out.  Here is today’s:

Poor Advertising results.

  1. Do you test ads and test results?  There are number of ways to do testing and determine if the ads are effective.  What isn’t working can be reworked or money saved. What is working can be stepped up.  Eliminate Spray and Pray Advertising.

Advertising is for many businesses, the number one cost in marketing.  Why do it of you are not sure it’s getting anything back to you?  Have you devised a way of computing your ROI on all your marketing and advertising?

Advertising is a science, not a hit and miss, luck of the draw, process.  If you are spending money on advertising, especially with the big three media (Newsprint, TV, Radio), then you must take the time and effort to determine it’s effectiveness.  ROI (return on investment), must be the number one concern for all advertising expenditures.

Contact me if your looking for ways to determine ROI on all of your marketing efforts.


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Customer Service ‘Quicky’ Course Part 5

Well, we have come to the final lesson in the Customer Service ‘Quicky’
course. I sure hope you have enjoyed your lessons and learned a lot
about the importance of providing good customer service for your

Today we are going to go over some great tips for achieving superb
customer service ratings.

Over the last few lessons we have talked a lot about customer loyalty.
One of the most important factors in attaining and keeping customer
loyalty is to respect the people aspect of your business. Treating
customers as individuals and not just as a representation of financial
profits can give you a big competitive edge.

As we have learned during this series good customer service is a vital
part of any business. When it comes to achieving great customer
service ratings it is important to keep these simple tips in mind:

– Happy employee’s make happy customers.

Keep in mind that there is no way to provide quality of customer service
without the qualified people providing it. Having contented employees
is a great way to ensure good customer service. Pay your employees
fair wages; give them good benefits and train them well. This will allow
them to exude confidence when dealing with customers and will
naturally lead to better customer service.

– Be a good role model.

Always remember that the way you treat your employees will be
reflective of how they treat your customers. You are their role model so
always be the epitome of a good server. Greet your employees
enthusiastically every day and listen when they speak. Rude customer
service is not merely a reflection of the employees’ attitudes but more
of their employer.

– Know your customers.

And let them get to know you. Recognizing your customers and calling
them by their names are indications that you really know them. They
will feel important by this simple gesture. On the other hand, by letting
them know who you are, they can also feel comfortable that they can
reach you easily when problems arise.

– Be pleasant

Give pleasant greetings when your customers walk in the door or
contact you. Greetings are important part of customer service and will
let the customers know that they are respected, valued and

– Provide proper training.

As we discussed in lesson three, give your employees proper training
on how to handle customer complaints. Guidelines must be set on what
to do and say in each conceivable case. Front liners play the most
important role in the customer’s experience. Be sure that your
staff know what to say and do to create a more positive and pleasant
customer experience.

– Don’t forget to survey.

Devise a “What do you think of our business” survey. Create a short
and simple questionnaire with questions like we discussed in your last
lesson. For example; find out what your customers don’t like, what
should be changed and what should be done to provide better service.
The answers to these questions will be very useful in creating your
customer service plan, since your customers will be the ones making
the suggestions. Make sure you take note of all of the important points
and act on them.

The questionnaire can help you anticipate and identify customer needs.
This may sound odd, but customers don’t usually buy products and
services. They buy good feelings and solutions to their problems. Most
customers are emotional rather than logical. It is important to anticipate
their needs by talking to them regularly. This way, you can be aware of
their problems and you can take care of their upcoming needs.

Customer service is an important part of any business and it should be
viewed as an natural extension of the business. Always remember that
the customer is the most essential asset of your business and without
them, your business will not exist. Keep them happy and satisfied by
providing superb customer service and you will reap the rewards.

As we close this final lesson I would like to thank you again for joining
me for this short course and I sincerely hope that you have learned a lot
about how to provide good customer service for your business!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to
effectively achieve the results you are hoping for from your customer
service plan.

Until then,


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